Concept: Protagonists/ Watt and Ignition

Inigo and Volt Garcia

Identical twins who are always competitive with each other, be it in sports, academics or other activities. However, Inigo tends to excel more in intellectual pursuits, while Volt leans toward more physical activities.

Name: Andrew Ignatius  B. Garcia
Nick: Inigo, Supremo

Occupation: Student, Physics Major

Callsign: Watt

Powers: Short range Electrogenesis (1 meter max), Extremely short range Magnetic Field manipulation (1 meter max, 25 T max)

Costume: Heavy armor similar to Full Plate, scorch marks in lichtenberg patterns around gauntlets.


Name: Emilio Voltaire B. Garcia
Nick: Volt, EV

Occupation: Student, Physics Major

Call Sign: Ignition

Powers: Firebreath, can be a short (3m long, 2m at base) cone or long range (50-75 m) stream. Intensity weakens over time after prolonged use. Flight.

Costume: Brown leather jacket, jeans, black domino mask.

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Prologue: Flight Record 1

Mission Briefing for Battlegroup March:
Cdre. Martin Leewonhoek PAASN-UA, USSN Ides of March
Cap. Gertaud Schloss PAASN-EU, EUSN Hamlet
Crvtte Cap. Alberto Garcia PAASN-UA, CASN Othello:
Objective :Interdiction
Reports of GPPS and CIC supply fleets in the Uranian Orbit
Exact coordinates will be sent after entering the region
Seizing supplies will aid in Operation Eastern Temple 
If capture is not viable, elimination authorized 
Intel reports, no friendlies or neutrals in area 
Any non-responsive vessels are to be ID'd and captured 
Elimination is authorized if capture not viable

Vessel ID: Ides of March

Captain’s Personal Log:

Day1:-log starts-

15 years is a long time. Since the start of the war in ’87, the Pan-Atlantic Alliance and Great Pacific Prosperity Sphere have been slaughtering each other over jurisdiction, resources and right to rule. The absurdity of the threats and rapid escalation in violence made made everyone think it’d be over in 5 months, with both sides settling into a cold war or slaughtering each other to the last man.

Both sides were finally open to negotiations when the colonies went rogue, causing the Alliance and Sphere to start accusing each other for aiding the revolting colonies in their bids for independence. For all I know, the Indeps were just pissed at the losses and wanted to get out of the war. Boy, were they wrong. The 2 factions just stopped talking and rearmed their fleets and ground-pounders.

Sure the Alliance and Sphere worked together at the start. But after the Trojan Belt incident, they were at each other’s necks again.

Fast forward 10 years, and they’re still at it, the Allies pushing (or trying to anyway) the Spherists out of the Inner System, while the Indeps harass anybody who tries to approach Jupiter.

I’ve had enough of this insanity.

I want out.

-log ends-

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Concept:Legendary Hero/ Sister Graz

Tender Grazia Lithos, Secunda Sorroritas

Affiliation: Children of Marde

Age: 25-28

Bio: Found on the steps of the Mardenian Monestary with her brother, she was taken in by the Hyadine Maids, a chapter dedicated to the healing arts and exploration. Her abilities manifested after her consecration to Ptica, the goddess her chapter serves directly. While not as well known as her brother, her presence in a battlefield hospital has been linked to miraculous recoveries of those considered too far gone.

There are reports indicating that raids on the hospitals where she tends her patients stop, or are already reduced in force as they attack.  Some of the enemy raiders captured have claimed that the stones themselves had risen, being commanded by a “Towering demon made of mud”. Witnesses have claimed the “demon” to be in the crude form of a humanoid, as do the stone automatons.


“Ptica’s Tears”- Small quantities of water rush into wounds, removing filth and poisons from them. Boosts healing time from weeks to hours. Limited by the amount of water available and the severity of the damage. (in 5 hours, 1 NDE = 50 severed arms = 600 bleeders)

“Daughter of the Earth-kin” – Can create automatons of clay, rock and mud. Number and intelligence depends on size and distance from Sister Graz. She can also directly interface with one golem for increased protection, although losing her healing capabilities.

“Water-kin’s Blessing”- Limited hydrokinesis. Diminished when encased in golem.


Hyadine Battle armor- Leather jherkin with light metal plate embedded. Meant for medics. Has minor “enchantments” that increase strength to aid in rescues and includes a kit for front line healing.

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Concept: Legendary Hero/ Confessor Odon

Brother-Confessor Odon Lithos

Affiliation: Children of Marde


Confessor Odon

Bio: Left at the doorsteps of the Mardenian Monestary with his twin sister, he was consecrated and pledged to the Sun Brother Sunagolge, the Mardenian God of Battle and Repentance. His reputation as a unmatched fighter is well known among his fellow Monks Militant. His rank of Brother-Confessor is unusual for his age, most Confessors attaining this rank only after years of Priesthood.


“Son of the Battle-Brother”- Firebreath, can be a short (7ft spread) cone or long range (50-75 m) stream. Weakens over time of use.

“Purger of Thoughts” – Fingertips can produce high voltage electric shocks, but only in contact. Can produce a dim light. If applied to temples, can be used to extract information.


Pagi’s Touch- modeled after the tails of a demon-fish, the 7 foot (+1 foot handle) argentid lined leather whip enables Odon to extend the range of his electric ability. Armorer Occas Pagi crafted this weapon at the bequest of the Order to fully utilize Odon’s gifts.

Standard Monks Militant armor. Gauntlets are without fingers and has a hood instead of a helm.

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Concept:Protagonist/ Cephalo

Real Name: Calvin Amaretto

Nick: Cal

Call sign: Cephalo, alternatively Squidhead

Age: 18- 26 years

Education: Currently College, or fresh Grad (Biology, Invertebrates or Marine Sciences)

Work: Student or Research Associate

Bio:  A 3rd generation hero, Cal’s knowledge of his own family’s other life is none existent. He has only recently discovered his ability to blend into the background, much like a coleoid cephalopod (That’s Octopi, Squid and Cuttlefish). Other manifestations of his other abilities are spitting a black liquid when stressed and suddenly having a very good grip on objects.


Known: Chromatophoric Camo, Minor Ink Spray, Limited Smoke Screen, Tough Grip

Hidden(to self): Retractile whip-like tentacles (found just under arms), Monstrous Visage (head becomes Cthulu-like, with 4 tentacles acting as mouth and nose cover, only exposing the mouth when spraying the ink or smokescreen. Essentially when abilities are at peak performance), water breathing, Bioluminescent hands


No lifting advantage, Tentacles detach in extreme tension (but automatically wrap around target), Tentacles can not support body weight (no swinging from building to building), Ink Spray /Smoke Screen are limited in volume.


Weaponed Fighting reenactment training (Rapier and dirk, Claymore, longsword and buckler, whip), Capoeira and minor grappling, minimal leadership skills

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